SOLUTIONSIndoor Navigation with AR

Indoor navigation is one of the most obviously beneficial use cases for AR, and it has the market advantage of being highly localized. A school could use its own indoor navigation app. So could a hospital. Or an office building, or any large indoor setting you might think of.

Individuals with mobility impairments associated with lower limb disabilities often face enormous challenges to participate in routine activities and to move around various environments. For many, the use of wheelchairs is paramount to provide mobility and social inclusion. Nevertheless, they still face a number of challenges to properly function in our society. Among the many difficulties, one in particular stands out: navigating in complex internal environments (indoors). The main objective of this work is to propose an architecture based on Mobile Augmented Reality to support the development of indoor navigation systems dedicated to wheelchair users, that is also capable of recording CAD drawings of the buildings and dealing with accessibility issues for that population.